Balancing the Property

In May 2012 Larisa commenced work with the renowned environmental Analyst, Juergen Schmidt, and with his unique expertise and guidance they mapped, cleansed, balanced and amplified the already stunning healing energies of the property. The initial measurement of the vitality of the land was average 600 milliGauss, however since the installation of a large ‘Paramagnetic Induction Antennae’ - The ‘Tower' and other smaller devices that vitality has skyrocketed to over 120.000 milliGauss around the property within first 18 months. This level was clearly one phase of a larger process and given the final stable energy field, now that the 'Tower' has done its initial work, is just over 15.000 milliGauss. This creates a very powerful protective field that is increasing the vital life force energy to extraordinary levels. Askara's harmonious environment encourages enhanced levels of healing, rejuvenation, relaxation, higher vitality and greater well-being. In comparison for example Adelaide's Geomagnetic Field level is around 480 millGauss and the "Paratune Foundation" is currently conducting ongoing research into the health effects of Para-magnetic Towers.
(For more information on Para-magnetic Towers, Para magnetism and natural electromagnetic field refer to Juergen Schmidt book - "The Hidden Forces of Nature")



This creation has sprung from Larisa's heart during her 1st year of study at Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2014 as part of the 4 year program's requirement for an Art Project. It has been presented at school's Art Projects Presentation Night and held in the form of drawings, calculations, 'patent certificate' since then. Larisa is now ready to share this creation with public and seeks assistance in rising funds for this project and hopes to involve local community or anyone who feels the call to contribute in putting Larisa's vision into reality. This project has intentions to unite people with nature, with 4 elements and with each other, to reconnect, to facilitate emotional healing, to awake forgotten faculties of our ancient memory, to create a ripple effect of Open Heart throughout the landscape and electromagnetic fields for the healing benefit of many. Please support this project if you feel the call. The video below has been taken in 2014 and represents inception of the idea, process of finding right spot for it and first initial marking of the labyrinth on Askara's land. Juergen Schmidt has explained how this healing device would benefit the walker.

The energy of Harmony
A Sacred Love Heart Healing Space where all are welcome!

Welcome to Askara labyrinth. The pattern of Love Heart Labyrinth is measured and presented currently in the form of moved paths. It can be walked and enjoyed as it is, however the original long-term permanent design needs more resources and contribution. The concept of a labyrinth has been known since ancient times as a single path which walker traverses, leading towards a central location. Throughout history labyrinths have been represented by various shapes. The classical version of a labyrinth is formed from a circular or oval shape with interior serpentine lines. Spiral and other geometric shapes have also been used. Askara’s labyrinth is a LOVE HEART shaped labyrinth in which the dimensions of the seven circuits are calculated using Sacred Geometry Ratios. It comprises a cardioid shaped labyrinth with a unicursal serpentine paths comprising seven zones, wherein the total structure is commensurate with the geomancer’s rule of sacred geometry. Each zone comprises one rotation of the cardioid shape and each zone is traversed concentrically until the user reaches a centre of labyrinth which includes a meditation space. This shape therefore relates to dominant and secondary features of spiritual and emotional clarity according to the rules of sacred geometry. The rhythm of walking, placing one foot in front of the other, empties the mind, relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit. It has great overall healing effect, enhances spiritual guidance and promotes emotional stability. This project has intention to raise the funds and involve community to build it for the healing benefit of many. Please support this project  by expressing your interest through "Enquire" section at the end of the home page or call Larisa on 0411 533 501.