Larisa’s past and current biography 

"Larisa provides this information and services as a private citizen of Australia, but considers herself a global citizen. All people everywhere are connected at the deepest level, and it is in this spirit Askara was created"



Larisa is Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist, Transformational Success Coach, Facilitator of the inner territory of  Leadership, Leadership and Wellbeing Consultant. 

She offers sessions in Body Psychotherapy, Transformational Energy Healing, Counselling, Supporting psycho-emotional health and facilitating personal growth. She has studied Brennan Healing Science pioneered by Dr.Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA physicist and best selling author of 'Hands of Light' and 'Light Emerging'. Larisa received over two thousand hours of training for the last 4 years and able to facilitate physical healing of many dis-ease conditions, quicken recovery from trauma, injuries and surgery, reduce pain and assist with emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. 

Her extensive knowledge, ability and personal experience are all able to facilitate others in their personal journeys towards self-healing, wellness, health and fulfilment. Through diverse personal and group sessions with Larisa you will develop higher awareness and as a result you will be able to tap into your powerful Divine Essence clearing up all the distorted patterns you have created for yourself out of erroneous believes and fear when you were a child. "From that place of your ‘true self’, you then would be able to create an unlimited reality that is safe, peaceful, joyful and happy! You then will be able to create the life you have always wanted. The life that is created freely, effortlessly, gracefully and passionately!"


Brennan Healing Science Professional Practice at Askara and its Healing Room welcomes you to experience highly coherent place of peace, stability and balance. Brennan Healing Science is a cutting-edge healing modality that consists of an assessment of the client's energy-consciousness system, specific hands-on techniques that affect the energy-consciousness system, monitoring the client's response to the treatment during and after a session, and modulating the treatment during a session according to the client's response. Brennan Healing Science can be utilised as part of an integrated plan of care for individuals with acute/chronic disease and/or injuries, as well as  psychological trauma and emotional woundind. Brennan Healing Science is a gentle yet profound healing modality, where clients often experience their work with a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner as life changing! 

Askara is providing  integrative healing solutions and support for people of a high profile - high achievers and the ones with high level of work related stress that dramatically affects and distorts most their work:life balance. Askara's pristine and coherently vibrating environment  helping them in reducing stress level, improving health and vitality of physical body, helping them gaining overall life balance which is incredibly difficult for the leaders. As a result they feel increased efficiency, performance, greater contribution to their highly responsible roles and their overall state both emotional and physical improving noticeably.  

Askara's priority in providing its services based on the highest values based on safety, trust and confidentiality of its clients. This above all is highly respected and honoured!

Brennan Healing Science Energy Healing sessions are very helpful for:

Self-esteem/Confidence issues, Motivation/Inspiration, Weight loss, Eating Disorders, Stress/Tension Relief, Fear/Anxiety/Depression, Phobias/Anger/Emotion Management, Time Capsule Clearing (Past Life Regression), Enhancing Memory/Focus/Concentration, Relationship Issues, Headaches/Migraines, Insomnia, Support during Medical Treatment, Support Before operation-During Operation and After Operation, Faster recovery from physical Trauma/Injury, Habit Change, Life Coaching, Acute/Chronic Disease and/or Injuries, Psychological Trauma/Disease, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Burns, Esophagitis, Infertility, Colitis, The Early Stages of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders, Immune System Problems, Many other Dis-ease Processes.

Working with a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist may facilitate:

Faster recovery from surgery and trauma, Deep state of relaxation, Increased creative expression, Enhanced self-esteem and sense of personal power, A heightened sense of well-being and joy, Spiritual and personal development, Appreciation of the diversity of wonder of life, Openness to learning from all of life’s experiences, Embodied awareness of the physical self, Ability to feel and accept the full range of emotions, Clarity, focus and understanding, Healthy and more fulfilling relationships, Sense of connection and purpose in Life! 

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Call on 0411 533 501 or enquire through this website to book: following sessions.

Brennan  Energy Healing Science Session  One Hour currently -  $120
This session includes total balancing, clearing and charging of your Energy Field (Aura) and Energy Centres (Chakras) by registered Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist. 

3 sessions package - $320
6 sessions package - $600

Remote/Distant Brennan  Energy Healing  Science Session  One Hour currently .- $120
This session includes total balancing, clearing and charging of your Energy Field (Aura) and Energy Centres by registered Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist and involves to have a 1.5 hours overall treatment with 15 minute consultation via phone or Skype prior to the session, a remote healing session and an after-session email or phone call.

3 sessions package - $300
6 sessions package - $580

Counselling Session
(In person, phone or Skype)
60 minutes session -$100

3 sessions package - $260

Home Visits
From $10 extra (depends on parking options and distance) 
Home visits for Brennan Energy Healing Session and/or Counselling are available to some areas, if you prefer to have Energy Healing or Counselling Session/s in the comfort of your home please call on 0411 533 501 to make appointment.


Gift Vouchers
Meaningful way to support your loved ones. Gift Voucher for staying at Askara and/or for healing session with Larisa is the greatest and very meaningful way to express your care, love and support for anyone for any occasion. Express interest through "Enquire" section on home page or call Larisa on 0411 533 501 to purchase "Askara Gift Card"


Public Speaking Engagements
Larisa offers customised presentations and workshops on self-growth, personal development and inner stability, transformation seminars and sessions on work:life balance. These inspirational presentations can be designed to fulfil the needs of any audience/group/organisation and can be in the form of Workshops, Training Programs, Process Sessions, Educational Sessions and Retreats. These can address Relationship Crisis, Life Crisis, Illness Crisis, Trauma or Depression, Anxiety, unresolved issues and equip participants with valuable knowledge of building and developing conscious awareness of your limitations and its harmful influence and how your unlimited inner Power can change them into total fulfilment - health, happiness and joy! ! Larisa leads individuals and groups to positive change that brings integration of inner and outer balance in both organisation and each individual within it. 


Larisa is a Full Member of National Federation of Healers. Membership number 5063
and Qualified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist. 


Book your session/s or presentation today and experience rapid relief from physical, emotional and psychological problems and start to live your life "pain, stress and suffering free". 
Call Larisa on 0411 533 501 or enquire via this website


Larisa’s past achievements are as impressive as her current ones. 24 years ago Larisa and her family migrated to Australia wishing to provide a better life and wider opportunities for her two sons. “The education and welfare of my children was the driving force that led us to settle in this country. Recognising that coming from a different cultural background was a strength, not a weakness; we have developed Expo-Trade into a successful business.

Business Achievements
Founder and Managing Director of Expo-Trade Pty Ltd 1999-2010

When Larisa immigrated to Australia in 1994 with her husband and two children, she never imagined that only five years later she would establish Expo-Trade Pty Ltd, a company specialising in exporting Australian meat products, lamb and sheep skins and wine to the world. Focusing initially on her links with homeland Russia, Larisa based her business in Port Adelaide, working hard to realise her vision. In its short history, Expo-Trade experienced rapid growth in turnover history and is the biggest supplier of Australian agricultural products to Eastern Europe. 

Six years after its inception, Expo-Trade achieved spectacular growth, with an annual turnover in 2005 of $12 million, supported by the efforts of five staff.   Expo-Trade has a full-time branch office in St Petersburg with three staff on the ground. The success of Expo-Trade is a tribute to Larisa’s motivation and energy as a Managing Director, her business acumen and personal creative entrepreneurial spirit.  

- Qualifications

2013 – 2017
Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 
US Florida, Graduate of BBSH-Brennan Haling Science
Practitioner and Therapist

Advanced Business Management Course for Women
Harvard Business School, Boston US

1995 - 1998
Master of Business Administration Degree
University of Adelaide, South Australia

1987 - 1992
Bachelor of Economics Degree (Honours)
St Petersburg Engineering - Economics Institute Russia

1978– 1981
Technical College of Banking System of Russia 

- Awards

Finalist in Ethnic Business Award for SA 

The Asia-Pacific Council for Woman Award: “Woman of Distinction” 

Listed among 50 most successful entrepreneurs in SA in the “STATE OF MIND” book written by Chris Double and Karen Baldwin

3rd Fastest Growing Company in Australia, BRW Fast 100 Awards

Finalist, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Finalist, Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards    

- Speaking Engagements


  • Australian-Russian Congress for the Development of Economic Cooperation
  • Australian Week in Moscow, participation and showcasing


  • Australian Week in Moscow. Presentation “Expo-Trade Pty Ltd – Success Story”
  •  International Trade Association Adelaide, Presentation.
  • SA New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. Adelaide New Enterprise Training Services
  • SANEIS – Business of the Year Award, Speech.
  • Australian-Russian Congress for the Development of Economic Cooperation


  • Family Business Australia Conference
  • Westpac Bank Presentation “Ticket to Export”
  • Exporter’s Club presentation “Russia: a market opportunity update”
  • Conference – “The Russian economy & business opportunities for Australia“


  • SA Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs –Leadership Forum
  • Exporter’s Club presentation “To Russia with love”
  • Russian – Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SA) Inc.
  • Presentation “Moscow 2003”


  • Flinders University Presentation for MBA students “How to start exporting”

- Professional Experience

2012 to Current     
Creator of Askara – Place of Heart Expression

  • Retreat, Sanctuary and  Wellness Centre
  • Bio-Energy Intuitive and Life Counsellor
  • Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist
    - Professional Healing Practice  and Transformation Life Services   
  • Honorary Council of Russian Federation to SA
  • Justice of the Peace of South Australia

1999 to 2010
Expo-Trade Pty Ltd
Managing Director

  • Business development, commodity trading, management of business operations, staff management, and strategic development and management.  Majority shareholder.

1998 to 1999     
Principal Agent (European Market)        

  • Regency Institute of TAFE
  • Promotion of TAFE courses in European Markets, developing marketing techniques appropriate to different cultural needs, and establishing networks of agents.

Lecturer (Contract)

  • Regency Institute of TAFE
  • Contract lecturer for several business subjects including Interpersonal skills, and Change Management to Senior Managers of Yantai, an international group of students from China.

1996 to 1998    
Promotion Officer (Eastern Europe Market)

  • English College of Adelaide
  • Analysis of European educational marketing, preparation of detailed proposals, identification of business opportunities and advise on business strategies, development of marketing plan, coordination of exhibit at international exhibitions, development of advertising material in Russian including translation, and establishing network of agents and other educational institutions.

1994 to 1995    
Market Analyst

  • Liemex Pty Ltd
  • Liemex is an export/import company active in trading timber, food, meat and dairy products. Analysis of market trends and seasonal fluctuations in supply and demand, pricing analysis and forecast, identifying growth trends and medium to long term business opportunities, development of niche / broad market investigations and consumer surveys, analysis and reporting on information obtained through statistical techniques, and modelling of the activity-based costing system.

1991 to 1994    

  • Suid-West Pty Ltd (based in St Petersburg)
  • Suid-West is a diversified industrial company active in production of health, building and food products. Analysis of supply and demand, sales forecasting, management of State contracts relating to supplement of health products to Government chemistry chain stores, provide management with economic information and strategic advice, and preparation of financial statements and regular product marketing reports.

- Memberships, Boards and Associations

2007- current

  • Honorary Consul-General of Russian Federation in South Australia and Western Australia
  • Justice if the Peace of South Australia
  • Full Member of NFH (National Federation of Healers in Australia)     


  • Export Council of SA – Board Member


  • Member of Small Business Finance Advisory Panel for Reserve Bank of Australia


  • Member of TEC - The Executive Club
  • Exporter’s Club Board of Directors - Board Member 


  • Business Ambassador for the State of South Australia (Business Ambassador Network 2010)


  • Member of French Wine Club “La Chaine des Rotisseurs”


Official, Social and Community Involvements and Achievements
Honorary Consul General of the Russian Federation in SA and in WA 

More information: Official Site


The role of Honorary Consul involves helping people with a wide range of consular and immigration issues. This may include consultations for renewal of passports, Powers of Attorney, visa applications and /or other official documentation. As a successful businessperson in both Russia and Australia, Larisa takes a special interest in bilateral trade. She has been active in a number of trade delegations and offers practical advice on Russian-Australian trade negotiations. She consults in Cultural and Business awareness serving both Russians and Australians. Larisa is also providing a Justice of the Peace Services.