Larisa’s Healing Journey

For 15 years Larisa fully concentrated on the family export business and lived 'purely in the business world', identifying herself with that and that alone. Over time she has felt that she has outgrown that style of living, and no longer identifies with it. Being tough was the 'protection' she adopted and her body had started sending its signals in the form of tiredness, sadness, weakness, digestive problems, anxiety but Larisa didn’t pay any attention to the signals. She kept going on with a fast pace ignoring the signs.

This split in her grew over the years into an unbearable level and 6 years ago she has felt that what she was doing was not resonating with her true passion and she made decision to resign from Expo-Trade - the export company she has managed and leaded for many years. During this period she discovered that she has developed breast cancer! Immediately after her confirmed diagnosis, Larisa came to the realisation of how the cancer had manifested. She had been experiencing inner conflict, both professionally and  personally. In 2012 Larisa Vakulina faced a huge physical illness crisis, relationship crises, professional crises - it seemed her entire life crumbled and flipped over. She purchased the property at the top of Willunga Hill in South Australia that same year. Then she began her incredible healing journey to a full recovery without any medical intervention.

“I had this inner knowing that I always want to help people in what form I couldn’t specify at that time. However there was recognition of deep longing to own a facility where I can assist and help others through sharing, learning, participating and creating. It has leaded me to purchase a property of 89 acres of land at Willunga Hill region so that I can be closer to fulfil my passion and express my true self”.

“It has been the most difficult time of my life – on the one hand I have been so excited to be very close to my heart longings to create place for people to learn, grow, develop, recharge, share and on the other hand I personally have faced a serious possibly fatal disease. I have decided to change my professional path and resolve my personal issues and needed to make a decision about which path to take in relation to illness. I paused and become very still. I kept asking my inner Self - 'what healing path has most resonant connection with ME'. And slowly and organically but strongly and loudly my intuition has been telling me "JUST BE". I have decided to surrender to it – instead of fearing it and fighting it, I have decided to 'be' with "what is" and to compassionately love it, how could I blame my body for it sent me the most clear sign that I was doing something wrong. I decided to stop doing but instead just being. I have felt that I cannot give away responsibility for my health and possibly life to somebody in the medical system. How could someone that knows a lot about human body and illnesses primarily theoretically know what MY body was going through and what it needed. I knew my body and myself much better , I have established a deep connection to it and faced my illness with Love rather than Fear – I have chosen to take full responsibility for my healing and life by myself - I have jumped from the cliff!". 

For six months Larisa has been nurturing, loving and supporting herself and kept doing what she has always planned to do in relation to her property and its land. In six months she went back to her doctors to check on her cancer and to the huge surprise of the doctors and nurses they were unable to find any pathology in her breast – It hasn’t been a surprise for Larisa as she has had an 'inner knowing - an intuition' that she will heal it completely without any medical intervention all this time. Through stopping to cheat on life and becoming meticulously honest to herself, to others and to face reality, she has transformed her serious illness into a gift - gift of supporting others in their healing journeys. She has been going for regular check-ups every three months for the whole year and in 2013 she has been released from it for 24 months intervals.

“I have started to wonder, “How did I do it and on what level did the healing happened?””
The search for an answer on this question has led her to enrolment into the most advanced school in Bio-energy Medicine - The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) in Florida US. She has commenced a four-year intensive, full time, deep, profound and very powerful study of Brennan Healing Science. She is now a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist  and what she has learned during 4 year program at BBSH is fully confirmed her choices towards her illness - which are aligned with saying of Dr.Barbara Brennan - a former NASA physicist - 'All Healing is coming home to the Self'. Larisa has intuitively trusted the Self and choose to focus on fulfilling her longing. All of us have an unlimited and powerful capacity to heal ourselves and others through honouring our longings, and find our gifts that would always lead us towards highly fulfilling life. She has also become very excited to be able to live her dream and follow her heart longing and passion in developing a “healing facility” on her unique property that helped her to heal her cancer!

A sanctuary named ‘Askara’ is formed and operational for anyone who wants to experience healing on all levels. It offers wide range of services – from simply utilising its spare space and healing energy to improve and recharge your immune system to a variety of extra services comprising: organic healthy meals, education on personal growth, learning about defensive survival mechanisms and personality make-ups, vicious cycles or learning cycles, self-inflicting suffering, unhealthy thoughts, attitudes and emotions. How to achieve balanced nutrition, become emotionally mature and spiritually connected. Counselling and healing through a wide range of physical activities like walking, running, fishing, playing, gardening, kayaking, planting, crafting, yoga, meditation on water are huge part of Askara's offerings and  there are many more other fun activities that would support your whole 'being-ness'

“My reality now is aligned with my inner and outer world, my physical manifestation is now matching my deep soul longing. 'I know now that everything I have experienced in my life so far has been for a greater learning, personal growth, healing, development and preparation for me to start to help others in the form of sharing my life experiences and showing its profound results through my conscious choices. I can now facilitate anyone's journey towards wholeness, health and fulfilment not as a 'theory knowing specialist' but as a survivor of cancer and conscious human being who is willing to learn to LOVE and RELATE'

"When one recognises his/her gifts and longings and don't afraid to follow and express them, one heals on all levels. As he/she allows creative life force flowing through their 'beingness', it shines one's core essence to outside world effortlessly and harmoniously. No illness, tiredness, imbalance or frustration can affect such a 'being'.