“Larisa experiences life in a refreshing and exciting way. As her client, her excitement and confidence rubs off on me. I feel supported and encouraged every time I come off the table. Whenever I am feeling down or depressed, Larisa's guidance lifts my spirits. I have found that each time I work with Larisa, I leave the session feeling a million times more confident and excited about the opportunities I have in my life. Any problem or "stuckness" in my life that I bring to sessions turn into deep healing opportunities with Larisa's unique perspective. It is so helpful to have an ally like her on my healing team. I highly recommend Larisa”. Molly McCarthy, Massachusetts USA, 2017

 “I had the pleasure of being treated by Larisa and found her to be caring, confident and very thorough...a great experience and the outcomes of these healings were great. Thank you and good luck in your new modality”.  With Love and Gratitude Geraldene De' Boo-Sharif Adelaide SA, 2016

“Larisa treated me as part of her practical learning component and I was blown away by the thoroughness and in-depth nature of her learning and subsequent treatments. Thank you Larisa and good luck.” Rubin Sharif, Mt. Compass South Australia, 2016


“If you are looking for ways to clear energetic blockages and move through obstacles in your life with more ease and grace, I highly recommend the services of Larisa at Askara. Larisa has a huge heart and is a gifted healer. She holds space with great skill, compassion and understanding, and is also direct and honest in telling you what you need to hear to ‘get out of your own way’ with great tact and sensibility. I was very fortunate to connect with Larisa at a challenging time in my life and became a case study client in her final year of studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  This involved 10 weekly personalised sessions. It was a transformational journey, receiving energy healing and counselling during our sessions, plus working with the tools and techniques that Larisa shared in between our sessions. Each treatment and time spent with Larisa left me feeling lighter, stronger and supported to move forwards and let go of the fear, grief and negativity that had been holding me back. I now experience greater clarity about who I am and what I want to intentionally create and achieve in this precious life. I am happier and enjoy less stress and more quality time with my family, and have a greater sense of purpose and self-confidence.  I am more grounded, centred, present, loving and compassionate towards myself and others.  I look forward to investing in more personal sessions and upcoming transformational workshops with Larisa to enhance and enrich my life”. Thank you, Larisa. With love and gratitude Deanne, Aldinga Beach, Adelaide SA, 2016-17

“I came to see Larisa as I was curious to find out more about what the healing with Brennan Healing Science Practitioner is and what it can do for my mind, body and soul.  I thought I was in a relatively good space prior to the session, however, the result I felt after and the days to come were astonishing. During the few days after my session, it seemed that my whole being was integrating what took place during the healing session. A certain stillness and calmness came over me, which in my busy lifestyle was a gratifying welcoming. I highly recommend Larisa as an energy healer as she radiates pure love, compassion and energy that is truly contagious!  She is the embodiment of what Brennan Healing Science can do for the mind, body and soul.” Cindy Pellas, Henley Beach, South Australia, 2017

"I offer my heart, unconditional love and compassionate caring to your process towards discovering your wholeness and true- self "

"I offer my heart, unconditional love and compassionate caring to your process towards discovering your wholeness and true- self "

Larisa embodies a rare combination of strength and no fuss down to earth spirituality. Her presence enabled me to feel and release tightly held down emotions while feeling safe enough to do so -not an easy thing for me.  After our session I too felt stronger and lighter with a newfound peace in my chest and heart. I can wholeheartedly recommend Larisa, her professionalism; unwavering focus, commitment and clarity are as a gift to anyone searching to heal deep wounding and striving to improve their quality of life. Thank-you Larisa!  Sandra Vasiljevic Berset London, UK, 2017

I have known Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light” as a resource for many exerts in the field of healing for as long as I can remember, so I was delighted when I was introduced to Larisa in Willunga South Australia who has been personally trained directly by Barbara Brennan. My first healing session with Larisa took place about eight months ago and since that time many profound changes have come about in my life, some of these changes have challenged me greatly, and throughout this time Larisa has demonstrated herself to be a highly skilled facilitator of healing. I appreciate the support and guidance which Larisa has provided as this process of transformation continues to unfold. I am learning to live an entirely new life, to love myself and others more deeply than ever before as I am evolving into a more masterful and conscious creator of my own life. I feel thankful for all the people, gifts, guides and teachers in my life. David Story, SA, 2018

Working with Larisa has been incredible and helped me in more ways that I could have imagined. 
Most of my life I’ve been dealing with severe trauma-related depression, anxiety, guilt, chronic fatigue, insomnia and headaches. I’ve tried various approaches over the years, with mixed results.
Larisa, and Brennan Healers, have a very deep understanding of the true cause of these conditions. If you want change and healing, you must address the cause, which is in the deeper realms of the human entity that are, in my opinion, not understood or addressed by conventional therapy, psychology or medicine (I am not against these though, they all have their place).
Larisa has explained some of the concepts to me, and they are fascinating, but in all honesty, all I want are results. Does it work – that is the only question that is important. 
For me, it has worked superbly. Emotionally, I am lighter and calmer and more at peace than ever before. Joy is returning to my life. Physically, my energy levels have drastically improved and my headaches are greatly reduced. 
So yes, it worked for me and I am thankful that I went to that first appointment just to see what would happen. I figured it was worth a shot. It most definitely was. Long term client, SA 2018