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Askara is a place of harmonic resonance and coherency where you will learn how to feel more than well -  recharged, de-stressed and healed! The pace, demand and strain of our highly technological world are leaving us with ever-increasing stress and pressure. Pressure to perform, obtain, accumulate, succeed and be 'online' 24/7. 

Aakara is a tucked away treasure that offers 'digital detox' and opportunity to re-discover our strong inner desire to be close to nature and interact with it in a more meaningful way! Consider Askara as your Get Away destination. Situated on the top of Willunga Hill, less that an hour drive this amazing property equipped to make your stay an 'unforgettable experience' that invigorates your body, soothes your spirit and calm your mind. 

89 acres of Askara's land has been fully balanced and energetically charged. Simply by staying at Askara you will feel the effect of the enhanced electromagnetic field of the Earth immediately. The minute you drive through the gate this healing place supports you. It provides a sense of increased safety, peace, stability and well-being. Your body begins to heal at the cellular level. The field encourages emotional stability, increases mental clarity and enhances connection to your Higher-Self, to your naturally inbuilt 'intuitive intelligence' and to the Greater Imperative. Together with organic energised whole foods, exercise programs, healing sessions, group and individual process sessions, meditation and education in self-care you will leave Askara feeling healed, revitalised, motivated, relaxed and more confident in your ability to handle the demands of your life.

Askara was born from Larisa’s heart as a reflection of her long term longing to be close to nature and from genuine gratitude for the powerful healing she has received from its land. This experience has formed a great desire to express her growing compassion through sharing this amazing property with others. Larisa’s vision has manifested a truly magical and powerful pristine environment for Askara’s guests and clients.


The Land

ASKARA is situated at the top of Willunga Hill in the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia with breathtaking views, mysterious gum trees, a huge lake and wild life. Hidden places with harmonious energy for inspirational contemplation, spaces for physical activities and events offering highly unique experiences. The expansive landscape at Askara has been indicated as an important meeting place for thousands of years by the original people and tribes of this part of South Australia. 


ASKARA is completely free of potentially damaging technological devices and artificiality and offers simple graceful style of ‘just being present’ – contemplating, resting, nurturing yourself, sleeping, eating alive food, meditating, doing nothing and having fun. In addition, if desired, it offers powerful ‘life supporting programs and activities’ – gardening, bush walking, swimming, kayaking, SUP boarding, running, stretching, yoga, trees and flower planting and fully diving into a rural experiences. Choices are unlimited with Askara being located at the Heart of McLaren Vale - the famous wine region with its well-known high quality wines and world class fine restaurants which provide unique dining experiences. In the Hills, you are never far form wine and dine, but with harmonious, healing and comfortable set up of Askara you can forgo outing and reconnect not only with nature but most importantly with yourself. 

ASKARA is offering weekend retreats on regular basis, 3rd Sunday of each month from 2 pm to 5.30 pm - "Winter Challenge Program" is coming up and welcomes anyone to face fears and overcome resistance of being 'out of the comfort zone'. The experience of Meditation on Stand up Paddle Boards gliding safely on the surface of an eight acre lake will calm your mind, strengthen your physical balance and develop trust in letting go! With guidance and support of Larisa you will be taken to a high level of ‘Trusting in yourself’ and learning about your body, mind and spirit! If you feel the call, please express your interest through "Enquire" section on home page or call on 0411 535 501. 

If you feel the pressures of your current state of being, whether it be through illness, life or relationship crises or other  forms of imbalance and suffering the adverse effects of our high tech hectic ‘real’ world and feel the need for some relief from the demands of modern life- "ASKARA is the place to 'be'!!! Its highly balanced environment, retreat programs, skilled practitioner/s can provide you with practical guidance and ways of dealing positively and constructively with the work challenges and stress, health crises, relationship dysfunctions, emotional baggage and life’s tests.

If you simply tired from the density of the city, from the crowded environment, from harmful influences of a highly technological devices consider a weekend away (45 minutes from the city). Consider to rest among nature and breath fully testing your lungs capacity to 'receive life force' and feel your presence. Consider to glide on the waters of Askara's lake  kayaking, boating or stand up board paddling. If you are lover of fishing you can do that too - please refer to Upcoming Events section for more details on fishing. 

ASKARA IS offering spare rooms on airbnb

At Askara we offer spare space and a range of hosting options that are all aligned with Feng Shui principles to allow you to truly relax while staying with us. AirBnB packages range from single bedrooms, small and large apartment arrangements for solo guests, as well as for couples, families and friends to stay with comfort, pleasure and high safety, Staying at Askara promotes healing, balance and sense of well-being. Please feel free to visit Askara listings on AirBnB or through links presented below. If you have any requests or questions related to your stay at Askara you can also place your enquiries through "Enquire" section on home page and we will reply within 48 hours. 

Askara’s intention in sharing spare space with others is based on strong desire to provide an opportunity to experience healing and harmonised energetic field that is free of any Hi-tech distortions which is almost impossible to find anywhere else in our highly modernised and technologically dense environment. Askara - Island of Peace and Healing is an expression of harmony, lovingly and tastefully created by Hostess Larisa Vakulina. Larisa’s dream is to offer this unique, powerful and expansive experience to anyone who wishes to participate in the many activities, programs, seminars, presentations, workshops and circles offered here or those who just simply want to stay and unwind at Askara.

upcoming events




Focusing on incorporating the 8 fold system of Ashtanga yoga with the guidance of the Yama's and Niyama's (moral restraints and observances for outer and inner peace).

Hatha yoga practising-Asana (postures)-Pranayama (breathing practices)-Mudras &Kriyas (cleansing practices)-Pratyahar (sesory control)-Dharana (concentration)-Dhyana (meditation)-Working towards Samadhi (bliss of consciousness)

A journey to create Health, Happiness and Harmony by rejuvenating and balancing the energy systems improving posture, flexibility, releasing stress and calming the mind. Enabling students to realise the experience of yoga being union of body, mind and soul.

GLEN MELVILLE began practicing Yoga & Meditation in 2005 & completed his Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training with Integral Yoga Academy of Australia in 2014. He has been teaching privately for 2 years plus attending many workshops & retreats gaining further knowledge. Glen's warmth & down to earth nature set a relaxed tone for you to enjoy the energetically balanced, harmonious & supportive environment that ASKARA provides for beginning or deepening your yoga practice. Happy Yoga Practice & All are welcome!

Wear comfortable clothing & bring a blanket: $15 donation/per class towards non-profit/community/charity of choice.

When: Wednesdays of each week from 6 pm to 7.30 pm
Where: 69 Blackbilly Road, Willunga Hill, 5172
For more information call Glen on 0416 568 813
or Larisa on 0411 533 501



 3RD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH (June, July, August 2018)

ASKARA - THE HEALING PLACE, 69 Blackbilly, Road, Willunga Hill, 5172

ASKARA is offering half a day retreats on regular basis, 3rd Sunday of each month from 2 pm to 5.30 pm (starting from June 2018). The experience of Meditation on Stand up Paddle Boards gliding safely on the surface of an eight acre lake will calm your mind, strengthen your balance and develop trust in letting go! With guidance and support of Larisa you will be taken to a high level of ‘Trusting in yourself’ and learning about your body, mind and spirit! These retreats - both dynamic and relaxing are designed to assist you in gaining confidence, strengthening your physical body, balancing your emotional and calming your mental body, connecting to the Higher Intelligence, sharing you unique presence with others and having a lot of fun!! Light delicious snack, healthy fermented drink (Kombucha) and herbal teas included into this programs. Effective and powerful warm detox is another unique part of these retreats.

Investment for Stand Up Paddle Board Meditation one-off Retreat is $50 (including boards, life jackets and if required wet suits).

Retreat tickets HERE

Package of 3 (June, July, August) retreats is $120.
Bring your own board cost is $40
Package of 3 "Bring your own board" (June, July, August) sessions is $100. 
For more information please contact Larisa on 0411 533 501  or via "Enquire" section of the home page.






FROM 2 PM TO 4.00 PM
ASKARA - THE HEALING PLACE, 69 Blackbilly Road, Willunga Hill 5172


Embracing the Heart in Winter Circle
Join Larisa for a transformational series of interactive circles designed to broaden your knowledge and understanding of how to embody strength, balance, stability and healthful vitality in your life.
It is natural for us to ‘contract’ in the winter season.  When we choose this time for inner reflection and constructive learning about this natural phase of our creative process, we allow our inner riches to ripen and be prepared for our expansion in Spring.
During these monthly circles Larisa will share, facilitate and impart a developing awareness, understanding and acceptance of 'uncertainty' as the very nature of our human existence.  You will come to realise your purpose of learning and mastering the skill of riding the waves of this Earthy condition by not only being OK with and feeling comfortable with 'the unknown', but to also utilise this uncertainty as an opportunity for growth and creative self-expression. 
Content, lessons and teachings of each month's session will be built upon the previous one, starting with the most fundamental knowledge of:
•    What is Life Force and Cosmic Principles
•    Continuous Motion of Vibrant Life Substance
•    Anatomy of Creative Process
•    Why are we Struggling?
Some practical experiments and exercises designed to support your learning, understanding and experiencing will be included in those sessions. Three weeks interval between sessions will support organic integration of learned material.
Investment: Single session $50
 Winter Package of 3 sessions, (June, July & August) $120

Herbal teas, coffee and light snacks provided.
For more information contact Larisa on  0411 533 501 

Book your ticket/s HERE

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Consider weekend away at your door steps - only 45 minutes from the City in the famous region of Willunga and McLaren Vale. Feeling tired, stressed, irritable, and affected by high stress, unresolved work and personal issues, density and busyness of the city? Need a break? Consider the possibility of quite, slow, restful, comfortable and safe weekend away or weekend full of adventure like kayaking, boating and fishing. Askara offers accommodation via AirBnB listings or through its link on this website. Consider your dream "Get Away' combining with fishing, wine testing, fine restaurants or contemplating, meditating, reflecting and healing. 

Fishing at Askara, its cost and timing on request through 'Enquire' section of the home page or by calling on 0411 533 501

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Askara's lake size of 8 acres can provide unforgettable experience of connection to nature and its elements, fulfil passionate fishermen, satisfy any swimmer and facilitate lovers of paddling kayaks, boards or wooden boats. It has variety of fish including trout, and cod. To keep the balance and respect for the nature only one catch is granted to take the rest goes back to the lake. Happy Fishing!! 

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DATES - 10th MAY TO 15th MAY 2019, ASKARA - THE HEALING PLACE, 69 Blackbilly Road, Willunga Hill 5172


"From the wider perspective of the spirit, human life appears as a tableau representing the form and substance of earthy life as a sea, an ocean, on which each life is a boat. You often experience this analogy in dreams. The picture presents various aspects of life: the sea can be stormy, the sky grey, and then again the sun will shine and the waters be calm until the next storm comes along. And so it alternates until the journey reaches its final destination. The destination is the firm land, the world of spirit, your true home. Thus all depends on how well you can direct your life." - by Eva Broch Pierrakos, The Pathwork, Lecture N0.1

This intensive full five days retreat is designed for the ones who is on the quest of wanting to be a 'skillful captain' of its life. The ones who desires. willing and able to invest into facing multi- dimensional nature of being a 'human', the ones who is willing to risk convention in the search of truth. In these 5 days, participants will dive into the deep waters of both - 'divine' and "evil" currents of human soul while learning practical tools of how to navigate this little boat of your life through storms and calmness. 

All retreat activities. processes, experiences, lectures and exercises carefully thought and created to awaken and activate your inner wisdom, widen and sharpen your awareness, clear distortions that you adapted out of fear and free up your creative life force which will flow through you and guide you through the ocean of life to your true home - THE SELF. You can view detailed example of activities of the retreat here

The program will be run by highly qualified facilitators and practitioners of International standard. To achieve this and align all logistical challenges, your input is needed and greatly appreciated. If you feel the call, willing and able to participate in such a program please inform us through "Enquire" section on the home page or call 0411 533 501 by end of September 2018. To secure your  place for this life transforming retreat please deposit $500 by December 15th 2018. Cost of 5 day program on request. 

This is a residential retreat inclusive of accommodation, meals, group and individual sessions, healing sessions, education material, facilitation of your personal process while staying at the beautiful Askara. 

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"ALL HEALING IS COMING HOME TO THE SELF" - Barbara Ann Brennan - Former NASA physicist, Bio-energy Healer, Teacher, Author of the most readable book in Energy Healing "Hands of Light" and Founder of the most advanced school in Energy Healing and Personal Transformation. 

Larisa has graduated from this school in June 2017 and run Private Professional Practice and Bio-Energy Clinic at Askara. 




11th August 2018 from 2 pm to 4.30 pm

Askara - The Healing Place, 69 Blackbilly Road, Willunga Hill 5172



A fascinating presentation by Juergen Schmidt about the Earth, Human beings and greater Cosmos.  Delve into the mysteries of YOUR importance in the natural world. Topics of this presentation include:

Lessons Learned from the Butser Ancient Farm experiment in Cornwall
Use of worms in agriculture - seeding and nurture
Ancient pathways - song lines, dragon lines, serpent lines
No dig agriculture & Natural pest management
Human Attitudes to animals and plant life
How to mitigate genetic damage
Cosmic forces and their influence

+ visit healing sites on the Askara property and enjoy a labyrinth walk! 

Book your place for this fascinating presentation now HERE

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Afternoon tea supplied. 

Please note: on line bookings close at 12 noon on the day of this event. Door tickets $45 cash only if available. Space is limited early booking is advised to secure your space. Availability of door tickets will be announced on this event page on the morning of the event. 



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