Find the perfect space to call home, during your stay in this healing haven.

Enjoy a relaxing stay at Askara, in one of our stylish and comfortable AirBnB rooms. Each area is in line with Feng Shui principles, and provides the perfect place to enjoy healing, peace and wellbeing, in a safe and inviting space.

Created as an island of peace and healing, Askara offers the chance to experience the healing power of living in an harmonised, energetic field. Enjoy a serene refuge where you can sample the many activities, workshops and programmes on offer, or simply enjoy a beautiful space to relax and unwind.

Our spaces include single bedrooms, apartments for solo travellers, couples families and groups, ensuring there is a warm welcome for visitors of all backgrounds.

Explore our rooms below or through AirBnB. For any questions or special requests relating to your stay, please enquire through the AirBnB link.

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An energtically-balanced property

Being out in nature always feels positive, when we’re away from the busy environment of cities, concrete and traffic. This is because in the natural world, the frequency of the electromagnetic field in the environment is much higher and finer. This creates the natural healing energy that our bodies tune into, when we are out in nature.

When the base frequency of this electromagnetic field is amplified to become even higher and more fine, it can have a positive impact on everything around it.

What our guests say…