The 24/7 demands of a technological world can take an immense toll –

With ever-increasing pressure to succeed and achieve more– leaving us feeling stressed, exhausted and vulnerable to illness. Askara is a hidden treasure - a refuge from the hectic and stressful urban environment we all live in – providing a place where you can reconnect with nature, and find your deepest purpose.  

Home to Larisa Vakulina, a Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Therapist,  you can experience her healing services in this beautiful wellness space, to help you unwind and find calmness.

Located in Willunga Hill in the tranquil Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, Askara covers 89 acres of lush and abundant nature. Whether you stay as an AirBnB guest or take part in the many events on offer, you’ll experience inspiration and a deep sense of wellbeing. Surrounded by breath taking views, awe-inspiring gum trees, a serene lake and diverse wild life, this dream get-away is the ideal location to discover the calm and wellbeing you deserve. 

Feel healed, revitalised and deeply relaxed, and discover a renewed sense of motivation, confidence and purpose in your life.


Energetically Balanced Sanctuary

Being out in nature always feels positive, when we’re away from the busy environment of cities, concrete and traffic. This is because in the natural world, the frequency of the electromagnetic field is much higher and finer. This creates the natural healing energy that our bodies tune into, when we are out in nature.

When the base frequency of this electromagnetic field is amplified to become even higher and more fine, it can have a positive impact on everything around it. Plants, animal life and humans exposed to this field receive a stronger life force from it, and cells begin to support greater healing and balance. Uluru is known for having an extremely high rating for these qualities – and Askara, just a short distance from Adelaide, is close behind on the scale.

Askara’s natural energies have been balanced and amplified with the help of environmental analysts, and a Paramagnetic Induction Antennae was installed to help boost the natural vitality of the area. This creates a stable and powerful protective field around Askara.

For guests staying at Askara, this means that you can experience an increase in vital life force, with enhanced, faster healing, rejuvenation, vitality and wellbeing. 

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