Aldinga Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, 2016-17

If you are looking for ways to clear energetic blockages and move through obstacles in your life with more ease and grace, I highly recommend the services of Larisa at Askara. Larisa has a huge heart and is a gifted healer. She holds space with great skill, compassion and understanding, and is also direct and honest in telling you what you need to hear to ‘get out of your own way’ with great tact and sensibility. I was very fortunate to connect with Larisa at a challenging time in my life and became a case study client in her final year of studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  This involved 10 weekly personalised sessions. It was a transformational journey, receiving energy healing and counselling during our sessions, plus working with the tools and techniques that Larisa shared in between our sessions. Each treatment and time spent with Larisa left me feeling lighter, stronger and supported to move forwards and let go of the fear, grief and negativity that had been holding me back. I now experience greater clarity about who I am and what I want to intentionally create and achieve in this precious life. I am happier and enjoy less stress and more quality time with my family, and have a greater sense of purpose and self-confidence.  I am more grounded, centred, present, loving and compassionate towards myself and others.  I look forward to investing in more personal sessions and upcoming transformational workshops with Larisa to enhance and enrich my life”. Thank you, Larisa. With love and gratitude Deanne,

Larisa Vakulina