David Story, South Australia, 2018

“ I have known Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light” as a resource for many exerts in the field of healing for as long as I can remember, so I was delighted when I was introduced to Larisa in Willunga South Australia who has been personally trained directly by Barbara Brennan. My first healing session with Larisa took place about eight months ago and since that time many profound changes have come about in my life, some of these changes have challenged me greatly, and throughout this time Larisa has demonstrated herself to be a highly skilled facilitator of healing. I appreciate the support and guidance which Larisa has provided as this process of transformation continues to unfold. I am learning to live an entirely new life, to love myself and others more deeply than ever before as I am evolving into a more masterful and conscious creator of my own life. I feel thankful for all the people, gifts, guides and teachers in my life “

-David Story, SA, 2018

Larisa Vakulina